Interactive 3D Showcasing

Florida Matterport Photographers
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About Us

We are an international team of professional photographers that use the 3D Matterport camera to capture and create our 3D ShowcaseTM Walk-AroundTM virtual tours. 2D virtual tours are “so last week”.

In the past, no matter how many photos you looked at or how many videos you watched, it was impossible to get a real feel for a place unless you were in it…until now.

What we

Capture any space that floats, flies or is surrounded by walls.  

“Customers become fully immersed in a model as if they were physically in the space.” 

How it Works

It is possible to see a space from any perspective, to walk around or “fly through” it, to take measurements, leave annotations, and take snapshots —all from a web browser


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Corporate Headquarters

21 SW Flagler Ave Stuart, Florida

Strategically located  in Gainesville & Stuart for statewide coverage.